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Seca Scale 959


  • Capacity: 300 kg
  • Graduation Weight: 20 g < 50 kg > 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g
  • Weight: 24.5 kg
  • Power supply: Power Adaptor / Rechargeable Batteries
  • Dimensions: 563 x 906 x 970 mm
  • Functions: damping / PRINT/Auto-PRINT / Auto-CLEAR / Automatic weighing range switch-over / SEND/Auto-SEND / RESET / HOLD / BMI / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / TARE / Pre-TARE

Wireless chair scales to weigh seated patients

Care and comfort were kept in mind when designing the stable model with a circular steel tube frame. The comfortable seat provides a safe position while the swiveling armrests and adjustable footrests make the chair scale more user-friendly.

The locking rear wheels ensure that it is safe to sit down and stand up at all times.

The positioning of the large LCD display unit behind the chair permits intuitive operation of functions TARE, HOLD and BMI.

At the press of a button, the seca 360° wireless technology transmits measurements to a seca wireless printer or a PC.

This mobile chair scale, which can be operated by rechargeable battery or mains adapter, provides enormous help in rehab, orthopaedics, dialysis centres and nursing homes.

Its very fine graduation of 20 grams is particularly valuable in paediatrics, allowing small children who cannot yet stand on their own to be weighed while seated.

The practical pouch seca 471 attached to the scale frame stores the mains adapter.

seca added value: A chair scale that weighs to precisely 20 grams?

There is such a thing – from seca, of course. The seca 959 is the first and only wireless chair scale on the market that weighs up to 50 kg with 20-gram precision.

The advantage of this very fine graduation is particularly important in paediatrics. Now children who cannot stand on their own can be weighed precisely and accurately while seated.

Furthermore, medical personnel can detect the slightest weight changes in serial measurements only with the seca 959.

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