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Abdominoplastic Set

Abdominoplastic Set

All instruments are Sterilized


Abdominoplastic Set


Instrument Box, Stainless Steel, Perforated Top And Bottom With Drop On Lid And Fixed

Z-Fold Handles Size 300 X 155 X147mm.

Rampleys Swab Holding Forceps 245mm.

Backhaus Towel Forceps 80mm.

Bard Parker Scalpel Handle No. 3

Bard Parker Scalpel Handle No. 4

Adsons Dissecting Forceps Toothed (Large)

Adsons Dissecting Forceps Non-Toothed (Large)

Gilles Dissecting Forceps Toothed

Mcindoe Scissors (Meduim)

Iris Scissors ,straight

Mayo Scissors straight (medium)

Mosquito Artery Forceps (curved)

Artery Forceps Meduim (curved)

Allis Tissue Forceps (large)

Lanes Tisue Forceps

Catspaw retractor6” double ended

Langenberg Retractor small

Metal ruler

Suction Nozzle


Receivers (small, medium

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