Vision Meter

Product Specifications Available Models: Forms: 1S, -----------------120V, Class 100 2S,----------------- 240V or 480V, Class 200 or Class 320 12S,--------------- 120/208V, Class 200 8S/9S,------------- 120-480V, Class 20 14S/15S/16S,---- 120-480V, Class 200 or Class 320 Communication Protocols • Broadband over power line • Hunt Technologies HP AirPointTM Product Specifications Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing Operating voltage: 120V-480V +/- 20% Frequency: 60Hz +/- 5% Load performance accuracy: +/- 0.2% Starting Watts: ≤5 watts, 0.02A at 240V Standard features: Demand, load profile, reactive, bi-directional and net metering, remotely configurable display, remote firmware upgrade Optional features: Remotely operated Service Disconnect Switch Applicable Standards (meets or exceeds) • ANSI C12.1-2001 for electricity metering • ANSI C12.10-1987 for watthour meters • ANSI C12.20 1998 for solid state-electricity meters • ANSI C37.90.1-1989 • ANSI C12.18 • ANSI C12.19

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