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Incorporated in May 1985, Beautiful Creations Co. Ltd is a Total Healthcare Solutions Provider in Ghana and across the West African Sub Region. The company has become the trusted source for strong brands of hospital needs with net worth in excess of US$ 90 million. The company team includes seasoned Engineers, Medical Specialists, Industrialists, Financial and Management Consultants. The company is a member of the association of Ghana Chamber of Industries and Ghana Chamber of Commerce.  The headquarters is at the Central Business District of Accra Ghana and production offices at different locations across the country.


It has a manufacturing facility and warehouse that supports its exports and import in addition to offering services in Teaching Aids, Specialized Instrument, Clothing and Linen among others. It is the largest stockist of Hospital and Office Equipment, Consumables and Furniture in Africa.

Through hard work and prompt responsiveness, we have earned the trust of Governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies in all ten regions of the country and the West Africa Sub-Region.

The company manufactures, export, import, and offers services in the following category of healthcare: Hospital Planning and Construction, Biomedical Engineering, Hospital Equipment, Teaching Aids, Hospital Consumables, Clothing and Linen, Specialized Instruments, Office and Household Furniture, Office and Household Equipment, etc. We also provide Engineering Services such as Equipment Installation, Maintenance Services, Repairs and Replacement. It serves as a training center to biomedical Engineering Students in the Polytechnics and Universities.



Hospital Planning and Construction

Success in the Provision of Quality Health Care cannot be compromised hence the adoption and use of strategic Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. We are committed to seeing to the total needs of new and existing health care facilities. Cost effectiveness and efficiency is our hallmark and we are well-positioned to deliver beyond your expectation.

Our team of trained engineers and specialists would be with you from the Planning, Design through to Implementation and Commissioning. We support your organization in the Planning and Budgeting of your Project. In the process, we will reason with you and transfer the latest and up-to-date technology to you. We will help you save cost and maximize satisfaction.

We endeavor to customize solutions to meet your expectation and circumstances. Our methodology is interactive, while our team of engineers supports you in selecting specific and general equipment needed in the facility. 




1.       Pre-Designed / Concept Phase


·         Program Assessment


·         Budget Confirmation


·         Cash Flow Projection


·         Community Attitude Survey


·         Dialogue meeting and Board Campaign


2.       Design Phase


·         Scheduling


·         Estimating


·         Value Engineering


·         Constructability Review


·         Program Compliance Review


·         Utility Company Coordination


·         Permit Process Management


3.       Bid Purchase


·         Scheduling


·         Bid Packaging


·         Bid document Preparation


·         Bid solicitation


·         Bid review/ recommendation


·         Contract Preparation


             We focus on delivery time, budget and high standard; transforming your desired outcome into reality.





·         Highly skilled team of qualified specialists


·         Competitive prices


·         Strong project management


·         Financial security


·         Technical Support


·         A proven efficient track record


·         Credibility in Local and International Healthcare Circles


·         Far-reaching networks of contacts and strategic partners


·         Full support at governmental and industry level


·         We exist to work hand in hand with you to reach a solution.


We Plan, Organize, Direct, Control and Coordinate the Construction of Civil Engineering and Hospital Projects, until the day when the lights are turned on.





1.   Construction Phase


·         Scheduling


·         Complete Contract Administration


·         Contractor Coordination


·         Quality Control


·         Cost Reporting



  2.  Post –Construction / Project Closeout


·         Final Inspection / Occupancy Permit


·         Move-In / Handing-Over


·         Staff Training Coordination


·         Post Warranty Maintenance




The construction phases are tailored to protect owner interest. The owners’ representative will supervise and scrutinize construction activities and report back to the owner with project updates. We provide an in-house Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Technology aimed at eliminating any perceived conflict of interest between the project team and any future bidders.


We develop the project estimate by building component format that is, Foundation, Structure, Exterior Walls, and Finish Trades etc. which enable us to make comparison and develop alternative solutions. These formats provide a means of creating an audit trial from the initial estimate to the proper completion.


We have worked for some of the nation’s largest construction companies and developers, bringing our experience to bear on every project.

We strive to be the best, exceeding expectations and avoiding surprises. Be part of our team of excellence. Having participated in National and International Exhibitions and Tenders, we have gained practical experience in offering the best product at competitive prices.

Our Firm has also distinguished itself as a group committed to providing professional after-sales service to meet your needs.



Biomedical Engineering

Since the turn of the 19th century, engineering and medicine has taken a new dimension hence success in diagnosing more diseases and invention of more effective treatment. Beautiful Creation co ltd is a leading supplier of Biomedical Equipment in West Africa with our markets expanding to other parts of Africa.

Over the years, we have supplied leading health institutions with diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices ranging from clinical equipment to micro-implants, common imaging equipment such as MRIs and EEGs. We also provide technical user training for staff of these institutions on periodic basis while we place premium efforts in maintaining a highly motivated and experienced staff. 

·        Our Engineering Division is made up of the following Departments:


·         Planning, Design, Pre-installation, Installation and Maintenance Department


·         Quantity Surveying and Structural Engineering Department


·         Electricals and Electronics Engineering Department


·         Mechanical Engineering Department


·         Biomedical Engineering Department



       We provide total solution to your engineering needs from Planning, Installation, Training and Maintenance. Our experienced engineers always ensure that things are done scrupulously. We undertake suitability tests to make sure the selected site is suitable for the project takeoff. Our Biomedical Engineering Department serves as training grounds for Biomedical Engineering Students in the Tertiary Institutions. We have provided practical and theoretical training to hundreds of biomedical engineering students who are currently in active employments all over Africa. We install, repair and maintain Hospital Equipment such as X-Ray Machine, M.I.R. Machines, Ultrasounds, Ambulance Devices etc.


      Our installation procedures are interactive and they include the following:


·         Preparation of site



·         Assembly of parts and Accessories according to required standards



·         Set up the connections and ports to the electric source



·         Checking and testing of equipment



·         Startup procedures



·         Operating and performing demonstration of the facility/equipment to the user



·         Question and answer briefing



       We believe that if a work has to be done it must be done well. Our slogan is Beautiful - We Care, Beautiful – Life is Beautiful”



        Beautiful Creations Company Limited in bridging the gap between academia and industry offer biomedical engineering students from tertiary institutions in the country the opportunity to undertake 3-6months internship programmes.





Hospital Equipment

Beautiful Creations Co. Ltd is a leading distributor of medical equipment in Africa with its markets expanding to other parts of the world.

Over the years, we have supplied leading health facilities with diagnostic and therapeutic Medical devices ranging from Clinical Equipment to Micro-implants and Advanced Imaging such as MRIs etc.

We provide Technical User Training on periodic basis for Staff of Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations placing premium efforts in maintaining a highly motivated and experienced staff. Medical Practitioners and Researchers looking for reliable Medical and Scientific Equipment have come to depend on us for the provision of complete solutions to their equipment needs. We have standardized our equipment range and are one of the largest stockist of popular brands of Hospital Equipment’s in the market. We entreat you to visit our sub-categories for wonderful surprises in medical solutions per your requirements.



Training and Teaching Aids

Our selection of Education and Teaching Aids set the standards for training in research and teaching hospitals. We provide a carefully selected assortment of innovative teaching aids. These include educational charts, state of the art models and lifelike Manikins that facilitate learning process. Our stock of Simulaids for Anatomy and medical teaching is highly required in institutions all over the country.



Hospital Consumables

Our range of medical consumables covers over 600 products with a variety of specifications offered for each product specially to meet your exact needs. Prominent within the region is the LIFECARE® brand of Hospital consumables, always manufactured according to International standards compliant with World Health Organization (WHO) directives.

We consolidate different product types to maximize the choice of items available and to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness for each and every shipment.


The LIFECARE® brand bears the CE Mark, ISO9001: 2000 as well as EN46001 quality certification and thus ensuring the highest quality standards. Used and attested throughout the country and the sub region, our brand has become the industry standard and the clinician’s choice of today.

Hospital Clothing and Linen

BCCL has since its inception demonstrated a concern for the safety of Industrial and Commercial workers, particularly in Hospital. Beautiful Creations Company Limited specializes in the production and marketing of industrial safety products. We pride ourselves in maintaining efficient service levels by making our customers the focus of everything we do.

We have made conscious effort to improve on the quality of safety wears.

It is gratifying to note that BCCL has carved a niche as a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of all kinds of safety wear.

Our range includes ready to wear apparel as well as customized products made to suit your exact specification. We are renowned competitive providers of Aprons, Mackintosh, Boots, Foot Wear, Over- Coats, Towels, Sheets, Uniforms, Theatre Gown and many more.

We deliver our products at all times on our promise to “maximize your satisfaction”. Whether you need a special size, colors, logo, message, Beautiful Creations will deliver according to your specifications.

Remember, our goal is to offer innovative products for higher productivity, loss prevention and, most importantly, a safer work environment. 

Our special clients include Hospitals, Mines and Construction Companies.



Specialized Instruments

Beautiful Creations Co. Ltd. success in providing top quality specialized equipment for Industries and Commercial Firms cannot be compromised.

We have gone greater lengths in the supply of such specialized equipment that modern day industry, public and private facilities require.

We supply and install specialized equipment such as Industrial Tools and Equipment that Include


·         Mechanical Engineering Equipment


·         Electrical Engineering Equipment


·         Chemical Engineering equipment


·         Construction Engineering Equipment


·         Woodworking Machines


·         Survey Equipment including Global Positioning Device (GPS)


·         Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment including Calibrating and Testing Equipment.


Our research team in conjunction with specialist have provided a responsive solution to your laboratory needs. These include reagents, chemicals, test kits, beakers, desiccators, pipettes etc. We stock high quality brands at the most competitive price.


From the Basic School Laboratory to the Specialized Research Institutions we have provided a responsive solution by our choice of Laboratory instruments, Beakers to Immunoassays, Reagents and desiccators, Gases and Pipettes, we provide high quality brands at the most competitive price.




Fire and Security Equipment

As a one stop hospital contractor, we supply all fire and safety equipment, fire suppressants, fire extinguishers, Duct smoke detectors, Beam smoke detectors, Heat detectors, Safety boots, Safety goggles, CCTV cameras, GPS systems. We take cognizance of your needs to provide the best product to suit your home, business or leisure environment.



Office and Household Furniture

A comprehensive range of Office and Household Furniture are available to provide a complete solution to furnishing your setup. Our products are widely patronized by private and public institutions.

We offer top quality furniture in hospitals for total solution to the facility needs in Out Patients Department, Waiting room, Consulting room, Treatment room, Theatres or Administrative offices.

We supply the latest sets of Office and household furniture such as Executive Swivel Chairs, Office Desks, Visitors’ Chairs, Sofa, Lounge Seats, Auditorium Seats, Tables among others, which we select from a variety of top quality brands that we have standardized to provide the most cost effective solution to your needs.


Office and Household Equipment


In today’s ever growing and complex business economy, the need for speed and quality in delivering efficient services to your clients cannot be overemphasized; we are ready to support you in delivering best services to your clients. We have in stock strong and reliable brands of Desktop computers, Laptop, Photocopiers, Printers, Fax machines, Scanners and Projectors to meet all your basic and complex tasks, schedules and deadlines. We provide manufacturer’s warranty on all items sold.


The Company has long been considered a reliable vanguard in providing quality, innovative and excellent products. These qualities have guided the firm to success as the most comprehensive one stop manufacturer and marketer of hospital needs in Africa.


We supplied, installed and commissioned 48 CHPS compounds infrastructure in the upper west region of Ghana which was funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2015


The company has also recently successfully equipped, installed, trained and furnished a total of eighteen (18) Health Centres, district hospitals and CHPS compounds in the Western Region of Ghana under the contract for Supply of Equipment for Eni/Prolink Foundation Healthy Mother and Child Project funded by ENI Foundation with complete hospital supplies ranging from major medical equipment, instruments, consumables, furniture among others.











Mr. Sam D. Ansong, an accomplished Industrialist and businessman is the Chief Executive Officer.



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