Infrared Flame Detectors

INFRA RED FLAME DETECTOR The infra red flame detector shall be approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) of the UK, and shall be capable of detecting infra-red radiations produced by flaming fires involving carbonaceous materials such as petrol, alcohol, N-heptane, Kerosene, Ethylene, Diesel Oil, etc. It shall be able to detect a fuel fire of 0.1 square meters produced by the above fuels. It shall employ narrow band optical filters that block unwanted radiation such as that emanating from the sun or tungsten filament lamps. It shall be sensitive to the modulation of received radiation in a small range of frequencies corresponding to the flicker of flames, and having a high resistance to contamination and corrosion. It shall additionally have RFI screening to minimize the effect of radiated and conducted electrical interferences. The infra-red flame detector shall incorporate a LED clearly visible from outside to provide indication of alarm actuation.

Active filters