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IUCD Insertion Set

List of IUCD Insertion Set

All Instruments Set are Sterilized


Instrument Box, stainless steel, perforated top and bottom with drop on lid and fixed Z fold handles size 300 x 155 x 147mm.

Uterine sound sim, malleable

Auvard vaginal speculum fixed weight

Tenaculum forceps, 230mm, BJ3-4 teeth

Sims viginal speculum, small , medium, large

IUCD retriever, stainless steel

Cuscos vaginal speculum, small , medium, large

Kidney dishes assorted 6”, 8’ 10”

Gallipots stainless steel 70mm diameter.

Rampleys swab holding forceps 245mm

Lotion bowls stainless steel 105mm diameter x 40mm

Utrine dilator Hager, single end . sizes 1mm up to 6mm

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