Slit Lamp

SLIT LAMP - SL-99 The Slit Lamp allows the orthoptist, through the use of a binocular microscope, to see a magnification of the front structure of the eye. This might be done for a patient with abnormalities of eyelids, CONJUNCTIVA, CORNEA, IRIS and LENS. These abnormalities may be infections, FOREIGN BODIES or CATARACTS. In other words, this is an instruments, used in the treatment of eye diseases like cataract, myopia and other. BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE Eye Pieces : 10x, 15x Objective : 1x, 1.6x Total Magnification : 10x, 16x and 24x Diameter of Visual Field : 18mm, 14.5mm, 9mm ILLUMINATION Slit Projection Magnification : 2/3x Slit Width : Continuous from 10mm to 0mm (at 10mm slit becomes a circle) Slit Length : Continuous from 10mm to 1mm Or Aperture settings at 9,8,5,3,2,1 and 0.2mm dia. Slit Angle : 0deg. to 180deg. with horizontal Scanning capability Slit Inclination : 0, 5deg., 10deg., 15deg. and 20deg. steps. Filters : Blue, Red Free, ND, Heat-Absorbing No Filter Lamp : 6V, 20W Halogen Lamp CHIN REST Vertical Movement : 82mm Fixation Target : Luminous Target Red LED BASE Longitudinal Movement : 95mm Lateral Movement : 105mm Fine Base Movement : 15mm (with joystick) Vertical Movement : 32mm POWER Input (primary) : AC 220V / 110V Frequency : 50/60Hz Output (secondary) : Main Bulb 2.4v, 6.0v for Brightness levels Power Consumption : 26V A DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Table Model : 560 x 407mm Unit Model : 375 x 335mm Weight : 21kg STANDARD ACCESSORIES Dust Cover, Replacing Lamp for illumination unit

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