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Hospital Planning


Hospital Planning

Success in providing Quality Health Care cannot be compromised hence our committal to providing strategic Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Backed by talented professionals, we undertake various hospital projects to address your requirements and satisfaction.


We endeavor to customize solutions to meet your expectation and circumstances. Our methodology is interactive, while our team of engineers supports you in selecting specific and general equipment needed in the facility.


Our Planning Concept include the following:

  1. 1. Pre-Designed / Concept Phase
  • Program Assessment
  • Budget Confirmation
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Community Attitude Survey
  • Dialogue meeting and Board Campaign


  1. 2. Design Phase
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Review
  • Program Compliance Review
  • Utility Company Coordination
  • Permit Process Management


  1. 3. Bid Purchase
  • Scheduling
  • Bid Packaging
  • Bid document Preparation
  • Bid solicitation
  • Bid review/ recommendation
  • Contract Preparation


We focus on delivering time, budget and high standard; transforming your desired outcome into reality.

We have distinguished ourselves as a group committed to providing professional aftersales services to meet your needs.


  1. Highly skilled team of qualified specialists
  2. Competitive prices
  3. Strong project management
  4. Financial security
  5. Technical Support
  6. A proven efficient track record
  7. Credibility in Local and International Healthcare Circles
  8. Far-reaching networks of contacts and strategic partners
  9. Full support at governmental and industry level


We exist to work hand in hand with you to reach a solution.

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