Diathermy Machine

DIATHERMY MACHINE DIATHERMY MACHINE, CWM-901 RF Aesthetic Device, RAFOS, CWM901 is newly designed by being equipped with infra-red thermal sensor and 4 different high intensity mode program for applying high intensity manually. RAFOS is normally used in beauty farm, spa & skin clinic for face tightening and body reshaping by using 0.3 & 0.5MHz RF energy depending on applied areas. Features Infra-red thermal sensor for automatic temperature control of active electrode during treatment 4 different high intensity treatment programs to deploy effective radio frequency wave heat to the inside of the body more deeper at high intenisty level Automatic preception program to recognize the size of active electrode inserted into the handle and provides proper intensity depending on the size of active electrodes Wide 5" LCD display for user's awareness Come standard with various active electrodes to use suitable electrode for each problem areas Standard upper shef for safely keeping all accessories after use Technical Specification Model No. CWM901 Output frequency 0.3 & 0.5Mhz Output current Max 170mA Output voltage p-p 460V Time 1 ~ 20mins, adjustable Power consumption 160W Power AC110/220/230V,50/60Hz Dimension 410(W) x 195(H)x 390(D) Weight 12kgs Electric shock protection Class I BF

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