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Suture Set

Suture Set

All Instruments are Sterilized


Suture Set

Instrument Box Stainless Steel with Knobbed Cover 300x200x50mm

Large Dressing Scissors, Ward Straight 180mm

Splinter Forceps With Magnifying Glass, 100mm

Spencer Ligature Scissors 120mm

Dressing Forceps Standard Straight 115mm

Mayo Scissors Straight 140mm

Mayo Scissors Curved 140mm

Bard parker Scalpel Handle No. 3

Bard parker Scalpel Handle No. 4

Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Curved, 130mm

Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Straight, 130mm

Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Straight, 180mm

Hartmann(Mosquito), Artery Forceps Straight 120mm

Backhaus Towel Forceps 80mm

Volkmann Retractor, Three Toothed Sharp 115mm

Mayo - Hegar Needle Holder Straight 160mm

Kocher Artery Forceps Straight 155mm

Pin, Safery, Mayo's Large for Storing Artery Forceps

Hair Clippers

Kidney Dish, 6''

Kidney Dish, 8''

Kidney Dish, 10''

Gallipots polypropylene 80mm Diameter

Gallipots Stainless Steel 70mm Diameter

Treves Dissecting Forceps 1.2, 125mm

Rampleys Swab Holding forceps 245mm

Lotion Bowls Stainless Steel 105mmx4omm

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