Desk Multimedia podium

Detailed Product Description Pattern: FOCUS-Y750 Product: multimedia podium Pattern: FOCUS-Y750 product : multimedia podium/e-podium/interactive lectern 1. with the multimedia podium, e-class, e-learning , e-classroom, e-course is beginning. 2. knowledge, skills and understanding can be expressed through a wide range of multimedia Parameter: 1. the material of multimedia podium is combined steel and wood., humanized design, the desktop can be pushed and pulled from both sides 2. the mouse, microphone, central control panel and liquid crystal display can be put in the sliding board. 3. the design of the podium is according to body machanics, the surface of the podium adopts tilt-style design, to facilitate putting manuscripts. 4. the podium is equipped with power-driven lifting device and advanced anti-jam system.. 5. the desk is designed according to the standard cabinet size, all the equipment are neatly arranged. 6. the podium is equipped with drawer on the right, it can be put other articles. 7. equipped with laptop interface /port and power interface/port in the left, it is convenient to be used. 8. it also can be used as lectern/podium/when people give a lecture or report.. 9. size: 86*70*115cm

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