Mammography Unit

Mammography Unit Excellence in digital mammography • Digital screening and diagnostics • Digital and geometrical magnification • Digital spot imaging • Digital needle localization • Digital galactopgrahy • Pivoting bucky to support syngo Opdima* In combination with syngo Opdima*: • Digital stereotaxy – fine and core needle biopsy • Digital specimen radiography • Digital high-resolution spot imaging Excellence in imaging • Tungsten technology: high image quality at a reduced dose by up to 50 % • Direct-to-digital technology: FFDM amorphous selenium detector with excellent absorption rate, resolution, and DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) • Advanced image processing: for better visualization of breast borders as well as structured in dense tissue • Large format detector: 24 cm x 29 cm Excellent comfort • Revolutionary compression plate Opfocus for central positioning • Special comfort features SoftSpeed and Opcomp • Opdose for excellent image quality at the lowest dose Excellence in usability • Dedicated Acquisition Workstation (AWS) • syngo-driven solution: syngo-speaking AWS ideal for mammography • Full DICOM capabilities • Image display: image is automatically annotated with the related exposure parameters

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