Colostomey Bag

Features One system colostomy bag drainable Use the water to claean the skin around stoma. A hole have been advanced opening the flange, the sufferers can cut a hole at the flange at basis of kind of stoma. Remove the protection paper at the flange. Blow a little aie into the bag before fixing the bag in order to prevent the wall of the bag being sticked on;then hold the cutting sleeve aimed at the flange by using two hands,from the bottom to the top,use the finger to press it carefully and make it conglutinate absolutely. Use clip to clamp the end of bag, agraffe type must be press the end of bag and turn forth 2 circun ference then join the agreffe before use the drainable bag. Open the end of the bag when giving out stool,make the end of the bag aim at the urinal, and then wash the end of the bag as the picture,make the end of the bag smoothly,then can reuse

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