Biochemistry Auto-Analyzer

SELECTRA PRO M CHEMISTRY SYSTEM Throughput: Reagent system: Up to 266 tests/hour Refrigerated reagent rotor cooled to 10°C/-2°C Typical reagent consumption 250ul per test Sample system: Sample probe with level detection, integrated mixer and collision protection Light source: Quartz-iodine lamp 12V-20W Wavelenght Range: 340-1000nm, automatic wavelength selection Photometric range: -1.0 to 3.0 Absorbance Resolution: 0.001 Absorbance Analytical Models: Single, dual and triple reagent system Calibration/QC: Westgard rules, Levy-Jennings plots Quality control statistics Water Consumption: 500mL per hour max. continous operation Power: Voltage; 100-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Power(max): 380VA Input/Output compatibility: Integrated PC (MS windows) Printer supported by MS windows Data storage: Auto save memory and result recovery Customized report format Warranty: At least 2 year Service and maintenance support after sales HB Electrophoretic System Tank Lightweight and simple to operate Unfolded electrodes design, convenient for the parts replacement and maintenance Constant temperature cooling control device for the electrophoresis experiments Transparent cover with tapping for ventilation and convenient to observation; Adjustable length of rack meets the requirement of different electrophoresis need Buffer volume: ≤500ml Cellulose acetate membrane/paper to fit bridge. Specification – Power supply Output: Constant voltage, current, power Output Range: 5-350V, 1-400mA, 1-120W Resolution: 1V, 1mA, rW Timer range: 1m – 99h59m Display: Backlit LCD (128 x 64 pixel) Control: Intelligent microprocessor control unit Automatic memory Auto-power off function Intelligent display of voltage, current, Power Touch control panel

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