TONOMETER Keeler Pulsair intelliPuff® The intelligence inside The Keeler intelligent puff system giving you a quantum leap forwards in accuracy and ease of use. intelliPuff® embodies electronic and optical technology to deliver you the speed, accuracy and ease of use you and your patients deserve. Accuracy guaranteed.# Ease of use intelliPuff® automatically senses when there is difficulty perhaps a dry eye or a damaged cornea and adjusts the automatic firing criteria accordingly – simple. Keeler’s unique algorithm will constantly evaluate your readings and ensure the tightest range is used to give you the final and perfect result every time. When the intelligent system considers you have enough reliable readings for an eye, the sound system will let you know – no more guesswork and the minimum puffs per patient. SPECIFICATION Calibration Range 5mmHg to 50mmHg Measurement Scale mmHg (Millimeters of Mercury ) Display Accuracy 0.1mmHg Display 4 character dot matrix scrolling Firing System Automatic and Objective Illumination System LED infra red Working Distance 20mm Mounting System Table / Desktop / Wall Base Unit Dimension 260 x 215 x 220mm (H x D x W) Base Unit Weight 2.465kg Hand-piece Weight 0.890kg Umbilical Cord Length 2.0m Printer Thermal Line Printer

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