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Our Engineering Division is made up of the following Departments:

1. Planning, Design, Pre-installation, Installation and Maintenance Department

2. Quantity Surveying and Structural Engineering Department

3. Electricals and Electronics Engineering Department

4. Mechanical Engineering Department

5. Biomedical Engineering Department


We provide total solution to your engineering needs from Planning, Installation, Training and Maintenance.

Our experienced engineers always ensure that things are done scrupulously.

We undertake suitability tests to make sure the selected Site is suitable for the Project takeoff.


Biomedical Engineering Department

Our Biomedical Engineering Department serves as training grounds for Biomedical Engineering Students in the Tertiary Institutions.

We have provided practical and theoretical training to hundreds of biomedical engineering students who are currently in active employments all over Africa.

We Install, Repair and Maintain Hospital Equipment such as X-Ray Machine, M.I.R. Machines, Ultrasounds, Ambulance Devices etc.


Our installation procedures are interactive and they include the following:

1. Preparation of Site

2. Assembly of parts and Accessories according to required standards

3. Set up the connections and ports to the electric source

4. Checking and testing of equipment

5. Startup procedures

6. Operating and performing demonstration of the facility/equipment to the user

7. Question and Answer briefing


We believe that if a work has to be done it must be done well. BCCL - We Care

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