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Vacuum Extractor

Vacuum Extracrtor

Vacuum Extractor

Technical Features

  • 2 graduated glass bottles
  • 750ml capacity
  • Pedal operated
  • Vacuum tight lids,
  • On/off toggle switch,
  • Indicators, fuse and fuse blown indicators,
  • Spring-loaded adjustable valve,
  • Carrying handle.
  • Dail gauge calibrated in mmHg
  • Low noise
  • Vacuum pointer meter built in

The complete unit is housed in EPOXY POWDER COATED CABINET with stainless steel top mounted on four rubber feet.

Electrically operated on 220Volts AC single phase, 50Hz,supplied with a set of 4 cups, with tunings fitted with release valve and a connector. A float valve in the second bottle is provided to safeguard against inflow of fluid.

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