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Suction Machine


Suction Machine



Technical Specification

Suction Machine


¨ An oil-impregnated vanes pump, Large-bore bottle, transparent hoses and unique connections, unit    case made of engineering plastics, external appearance novel, and structure reasonable.

¨ Two-stage overflow protection devices prevent liquid from entering pump effectively.

¨ The installed air filter reduces bacterium in the absorbed liquid reducing environmental pollution to the      very minimum.

¨ It is Compact, light weight, pull up and down smoothly, convenient to move.



¨Maximum Vacuum: 0.09 MPa (680mmHg)

¨Flow rate: 30L /Min

¨Storage bottles:  1500mm x 2.0 liters

¨Vacuum Adjustable Range: 0.02Mpa - Max. Vacuum

¨Noise: 60dB (A)

¨Power supply: 220V +/-10% 50Hz

¨Input: 280VA

¨Dimension: 460mm x 390mm x 510mm

¨G.W. : 19.5kg


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