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Laparatomy Set

Laparatomey Set

All Instruments are Sterilized

Laparatomy set

Instrument Box Stainless Steel with Cover 575 x 275 x 130mm
Bard Parker Scalpel Handle No. 3
Bard Parker Scalpel Handle No. 4
Operating Scissors Straight Blunt Standard 185mm
Operating Scissors Curved Blunt Standard 185mm
Kelly Fistula Scissors 180mm
Metzenbaum-Fino Dissecting Scissors 230mm
Dressing Forceps Standard Straight 155mm
Treves Dissecring Forceps 1:2, 125mm
Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Curved 130mm
Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Staight 130mm
Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Staight 180mm
Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Curved 180mm
Kocher Artery Forceps Straight 155mm 6
Intestinal Clamp Curved 250mm Mayo-Robson-Atraumatic
Intestinal Clamp Straight 250mm Mayo-Robson-Atraumatic
Intestinal Clamp Curved 130mm Baby-Doyen-Atraumatic
Intestinal Clamp Straight 130mm Baby-Doyen-Atraumatic
Intestinal Clamp Payrs Crushing 290mm
Intestinal Clamp Payrs Payr-Baby Crushing 150mm
Miculicz Peritoneal Clamp Forceps 180mm
Rampleys Swab Holding Frorceps 245mm
Hartmann (Mosquito) Artery Forceps Straight 120mm
Pin, Safety, Mayo's Large For Storing Artery Forceps
Koerte Spatula 280mm
Gillies One-Toothed Retractor 185mm Skin Hook
Deaver Retractor 300 – 12''x 1''
Koerte Toothed Retractor 26x40mm Blade 25mm Blunt
Mini-Langenbeck160mm 22x 8mm Blade
Langenbeck 210mm, 60 x 20mm Blade
Roux Retractor140mm,150mm, 170mm Double-Bladed
Deavers Abdominal Retractors
Doyen Abdominal Retractor
Standard Probe 160mm
Blood Scoop 330mm
Jars, stainless steel, 500ml
Suction Nozzle Yankauer 220ml with Removal Outer Cover
Decompressor Intenstinal Savage's
Tube,Senstaken,Ch18 to 21
Backhaus Towel Foreceps 80mm
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, Straight, 160mm
Matinieu Needle Holder 170mm Spring Action
Mayo NeedleHolder 200mm
Wertheim NeedleHolder 240mm
Deschamps Ligature Needle Blunt 200mm Left Handed
Deschamps Ligature Needle Blunt 200mm Right Handed
Schmieden Ligature Conductor, 190mm
Kidney Dishes Assoted 6'',8'', 10”
Gallipots Stainless Steel 70mm Diameter
Lotion Bowls Stainless Steel,105mm Diameterx40mm

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