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Cadiology Stethoscope

Harvey DLX Cardiology Stethoscope



Harvey DLX cardiology stethoscopes were developed by the preeminent Dr. Proctor Harvey to deliver the critically important high-frequency heart sounds like clicks, murmurs, and ejection sounds.

Includes interchangeable pediatric and adult diaphragms and a 10-year warranty.

Harvey DLXstethoscopes are designed to accentuate sounds with unparalleledaccuracy and crispness.

Harvey™ DLX Double-Head Stethoscopes—71 cm (28 inches)Various Colours

Harvey™ DLX Triple-Head Stethoscopes—71 cm (28 inches)Various Colours

The Harvey Elite offers updated styling with the superior comfort and auscultation capabilities cardiologists have come to rely on.

Its stainless steel head transmits sounds crisply and clearly.

The Harvey Elitecomes with a 10-year warranty and a pediatric chestpiece.

Harvey Elite StethoscopeVarious Colours and Sizes

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