Rexel CB405 Comb Binder

Rexel CB405 Comb Binder Features the "Flowline" concept for faster operation Reselectable punches handle all documents up to A4 size Translucent cover keeps work area clean when not in use, and provides support for pages being punched Punches up to 30 sheets each time punch system provides better quality paper punching with less effort Binds A4 documents up to 450 pages Uses all sizes of plastic combs from 4.5mm to 50mm Binds A4 documents up to 120 pages using 20 loop wire elements Uses all 20 loop wire elements from 6mm up to 12.5mm Precision edge guide adjusts to ensure accurate alignment Document measure to determine which comb size to use Margin is adjustable to suit the size of comb being used Wire clamp is protected for safer operation Patented "Lowline" comb grip system for greater safety

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