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SYSMEX AutomatedpocH-100i


Hematology Testing Made easy

Parameters 17-parameter CBC, with 3 part Differential  Whole Blood Mode: WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH,                   MCHC, PLT, LYM#, LYM%, MXD#, MXD%, NEUT#, NEUT%,  RDW-SD, RDW-CV, MPV 

Histogram WBC (3-Part Differential), RBC, PLT 

Principles & Technologies RBC, PLT    Hydrodynamic focusing Direct Current detection  WBC Direct Current detection method  HGB Non-cyanide method  HCT Cumulative pulse height detection method 

Analysis 25 samples/hour 
Closed tube patient and QC sampling         Sample Volume 15 μL EDTA whole blood 

Linearity WBC 1.0 – 99.0 x 103 /μL  RBC 0.3 – 7.0 x 106 /μL  HGB 0.1 – 25 g/dL  HCT 10 – 60%  PLT 10 – 999.9 x 103 /μL 

Data Storage  100 samples with histograms including QC data 

Quality Control 6 QC files  EIGHTCHECK-3WP X-TRA™ tri-level  Quality Assurance Program  Levey-Jennings Control Charts or X-barM file 

Dimensions/Weight (main unit) w x h x d [in]/[lbs] 7.3” x 13.8” x 18.1” / 30.8 lbs.          Peripheral Options Internal Printer (standard) 

Serial Port (RS-232C) LAN (TCP/IP) 

Power 100 – 240V (50/60 Hz); 150 VA or less 

Sample Identification Keypad Entry                                       Handheld barcode reader 

Multi-Language Software English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese 

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