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Child ACLS Manikin

Child ACLS Manikin with Interactive Arrhythmia Simulator


This full body manikin of a 5-year old child offers a wide range of ACLS training:

• Palpable and visual landmarks
• Fully articulated head, neck and jaw

Airway Management
• Realistic anatomy of the mouth, tongue, oral pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea and esophagus
• Separate left and right lungs for auscultation
• Suctioning capabilities
• Oral, nasal and digital intubation capabilities
• Inflatable stomach bladder to indicate esophageal intubation

I.V. Injection (at arm)
• Realistic size of an child’s veins
• Articulated at the biceps for antecubital and dorsal access
• Realistic flashback from a pressurized system

Blood Pressure Measurement
• Instructor determines systolic and diastolic levels, heart rate and sound volume
• Speaker in arm reproduces real blood pressure sounds
• 5 Korotkoff phases can be turned on and off
• Auscultatory gap can be turned on and off

Intraosseous Infusion
• Palpable landmarks include the patella, tibia and tibial tuberosity
• Pressurized system allows aspiration of fluid

Femoral Access
• Palpable arterial pulse
• Palpable symphysis pubis and anterior superior iliac spine
• Realistic flashback from a pressurized system

Defibrillation Chest
• Internal load box absorbs full strength of every shock 
• Manual, semi-automatic, automatic defibrillation
• Monitor manikin like a real patient at 4 ECG sites and 2 defibrillation sites
• Compatible with all standard brands and types of defibrillators and ECG-monitors

Interactive ECG-Simulator:
This external unit allows defibrillator and pacer training directly on the manikin. (A training without a manikin is also possible). Various ECG rhythms can be generated and displayed on an ECG-monitor (not included) for diagnostic and defibrillation training. All arrhythmias can be displayed in adult or paediatric mode so that a total of 34 rhythms are available.

• The following 6 different arrhythmias are available for pacer training: Sinus Brady, Junctional Brady, 2nd degree type I A-V block, 2nd degree type II A-V block, 2nd degree type II A-V block with PVCs and 3rd degree A-V block.
• Cardioversion can be simulated by defibrillating the manikin with a manual, semi-automatic, or automatic defibrillator.

  • The following 11 arrhythmias are available for defibrillator training: V. Fib, V. Tach (fast), V. Tach (slow), V. Tach (polymorphic), A. Fib, A. Flutter, SVT, Sinus Tach, Sinus rhythm with PVCs, Asystole and NSR.

• An LED illuminates for: pacer pulse detection, defibrillator discharge detection, adult mode, pediatric mode and low battery. Battery saver feature powers-off simulator automatically when not in use.

This realistic Child ACLS Manikin simulator is a great way of teaching a true to life patient care1



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